The Great Run is an inspiring account of not only Braam's journey along the Great Wall of China, but also his life journey. It details what he has learned from hardship and achievement and echoes his beliefs that nothing is impossible if you have big dreams.



The Great RunThe Great Run is an inspiring account of two journeys – the outer journey running the Great Wall of China, and the inner journey of a man learning from hardship and achievement.

The book is a modern-day adventure where the human spirit overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Driven by passion, Braam draws on his deeper self to fight the physical pain of running a marathon per day over some of the harshest terrain on earth, for 98 gruelling days.

The beautifully photographed book offers life-changing lessons that stay with the reader long after they finish reading the last page.

Professor Noakes wrote the foreword and Sunbird/Jonathan Ball are the publishers. The Great Run is available online at Kalahari.com and Amazon.com. You can also get a personally autographed copy when you order online here

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