Braam in the News

Southern Charter: Rowing to Rio for the DOT Challenge

Last time we ‘met up’ with extreme adventurers Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson they had just embarked on a world first row from Cape Town to Rio de Janiero all …
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Boat and Boats: The Atlantic rowing

In a globalised world, where we are constantly bombarded by an impressive number of information, one of the few ways to be heard or to engage emotionally and motivate a …
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Cape Town Magazine: Live Satellite Interview for #DOTChallenge at Cape Quarter

Take part in an incredible opportunity to catch up with two South African extreme adventurers as they row from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro. On Friday, 24 March 2017, …
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My Pressportal: Braam Malherbe, halfway through Out of Sight Out of Mind Expedition

Braam Malherbe – extreme adventurer, international motivational speaker and conservationist – together with rowing partner Wayne Robertson, are rowing on the vessel Mhondoro from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, …
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Yachts: The Atlantic rowing against the destruction of the Planet

In a globalised world, with the impressive number of information that we invest, one of the few ways to make themselves heard, or to engage emotionally and motivate a large …
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#AwesomeNews with Magic Breakfast

In the now, third South African crossing this year, Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson have so far completed 4300km of their 7100 km Row from Cape to Rio and have 2800 to go.

They …
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Leadership magazine: Getting serious about sustainability

How can we become more environmen- tally mindful? It does sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when deciding where to start and what to do. Extreme adventurer, Braam Malherbe’s latest initiative …
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Kingfisher FM interviews Braam

Gareth Burley interviews Braam and Wayne from the middle of the ocean on their way to Rio from Cape Town.

To listen to the interview: Kingfisher FM